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Le Dame Footwear is committed to bringing our customers fashionable, feminine-styled footwear in a large shoe size. Our high-quality, affordable footwear is designed to specifically to meet the needs of customers who wear a women’s size 10 ½ to 17 (wide) or a men’s size 9 to 15 (medium) in the latest styles.

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Real Heroes Do Not Hit Women

Bernie J. –
I love football; it’s an American tradition. Many even consider NFL
players heroes, going into battle every week, fighting the good fight. But
to me, a real hero is a hero on and off the field.

This is especially true when we’re talking about role models for our
nation’s children. And as a therapist who works with children who have
experienced domestic violence in their families, I know how important role
models and heroes are to children.

When children experience domestic violence in their home they are more
likely to be anxious, fearful, and to act out violently. They need to know
that how they or their mothers have been treated is not okay. As a
society, we need to show that domestic violence is unacceptable whether
it’s a parent hitting a child or an NFL player hitting his girlfriend.
Acts of domestic violence need to be met with consequences, no matter who
commits the violence. This is where you come in.

Join me in asking the NFL to implement a zero-tolerance policy toward
players convicted of domestic violence.

Convicted domestic abusers aren’t heroes. Don’t let them play in the NFL.

When the NFL does nothing or very little when players beat their wives and
girlfriends, it sends a message to boys and men around the United States
that their heroes’ behavior is acceptable. This is why it is so
important that the NFL show the millions of football fans across America
that they want their NFL players to be #RealHeroes on and off the field.
With a zero-tolerance policy, players convicted of domestic violence will
not be allowed to play.

We can’t let another football season go by with NFL players getting off
virtually scot-free because they are good players. Let’s tell the NFL we
value the treatment of women and children over how many touchdowns a
quarterback can throw. Let’s tell the NFL we want #RealHeroes.

Tell the NFL you support a zero-tolerance policy toward players who are
convicted of domestic violence.

Thank you,

Gretchen Tome

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