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Jan 07 2016


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January 6, 2016

We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and are looking forward to an exciting new year. 2015 was a great year for the GIC and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support! Highlights from the past year include:
* Electing a new Board of Trustees
* Doubling participation in our annual Colorado Gives Day fundraiser
* Helping to kill anti-trans and right to discriminate bills in state legislation
* Adding multiple new support groups to our weekly schedule
* Coming together for a moving Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony
* Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with our wonderful community

We plan to accomplish even more in 2016, as we begin our 38th year serving the Colorado community! But, it all depends on our volunteers who make this organization the powerhouse it is. Won’t you join us this year? We are always looking for open-minded individuals to contribute to the greater good. Visit our website to join our team.

Drop In Hours

CLARIFICATION ABOUT DROP IN HOURS. These are the hours we have staff to handle anyone who just drops in for support, to use the kitchen, get food, use the bathroom, or surf the internet. THESE TIMES DO NOT APPLY TO CLINICAL APPOINTMENTS, SUPPORT GROUPS, OR SPECIAL EVENTS!

For details about our Events and Open times, Click Here

Monday 9am – 9pm
Tuesday 9am – 9pm
Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursday 9am – 9pm
Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 9pm

No appointment necessary, you can drop in anytime during these hours! Someone is here to chat with you and/or answer your gender questions. We have snacks, coffee, & beverages plus free wi-fi. Stop in and see us today.

** Reminder of snow policy – If the Denver Public Schools are closed, then so are we.

***There is a new policy regarding smokers with dogs: They can either bring their dog with them to the GIC, or they can smoke – but not both. There is also no more loidering by the gates after 8pm in the evening. We have changed the groups to end earlier so that folks can linger inside, but they cannot linger outside by the gates after 8pm.

Vision and Misson Statements

A world that affirms all gender identities and expressions

To provide support for all gender identities and expressions through directservices and social change utilizing empowerment, identity affirmation,outreach, education, advocacy, creating safe spaces, and a sense of community.


Our Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Kelley invites you to help out your community now. Click the link above to sign up as a volunteer or email him today.
We have opportunities to help at the front desk, meeting and greeting visitors, assisting with specific projects, and simply sharing your specific skills. We want to meet You!

Check out our library. Some books are permanently on display as in a traditional library, some are for sale and some are free to share. Donations accepted. And don’t forget we have food and drink for those in
need. Please spread the word about our services with your Trans* friends and SOFFA’s so our center can grow and continue to serve the needs of our community.

For those visiting us by Bus, please know RTD Bus 14 & 11 are the buses to use. http://www.rtd-denver.com/



Non-binary Group – Mondays @ 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Non-binary Group is open to individuals who identify outside of a strict binary and anyone who is questioning their own identity. We will be meeting under a peer-led, open discussion format every Monday night. Supportive family and friends are welcome to attend on the last Monday of each month.

Teen Support Group

This group meets

every Saturady, from 1pm-3pm

For Teens of

High School age only

Parents are invited to attend our SOFFA group on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Our Support Groups are Designed to meet the diverse needs of a Gender Variant Community

For more info please use our event calender at this link – Click Here


Every Monday, 6:30pm

Every Tuesday, 6:30pm


Every Thursday, 6pm

TEEN SUPPORT GROUP (High School age)

Every Saturday, 1pm

Every Saturday, 6:30pm


NOW Every Sunday, 6:30 pm


1st Sunday, 4pm, Jan. 3rd


1st & 3rd Wed., 6:30 pm

2nd Friday, 6:30 pm

Support is always available by calling or visiting our location, see the bottom of page for contact info.

Other Gender Identity Support Groups in Colorado

OutBoulder.org visit this website for trans* support group info in Boulder and Longmont.

The glbtcolorado.org website has information on their groups, meeting times, and locations.

Peak Area Gender Expressions – Colorado Springs’ source of info, email: cospage@gmail.com (ask to be added to the mailing list)

Ft. Collins Trans* & GNC Support Group meets 6:30-8:30 pm on the First Tuesday of the Month, at DazBog Coffee Shop on Cherry and Mason (401 Mason Ct. Fort Collins, CO 80524), downstairs. Location changes sometimes so check with the website for latest meeting info – nocopride.com

Out Boulder newsletter will keep you informed on their events and activities in Boulder and surrounding area: to sign up click here.

The Greeley transgender support group has developed a Facebook page and would like you to join. It is called GenderQuest Colorado. Information regarding meetings will be posted on this site. You are all invited to join the support outings at anytime it is convenient for you. Please join GenderQuest on Facebook to get the information. Questions contact Cori at: corigirl_8@yahoo.com


The Gender Identity Center of Colorado is hosting Colorado Access, Medicaid’s Accountable Care Collaborative Program (ACC) once a month on the 1st Monday of the month from 1pm to 3pm. You can come in to our office and get all the services they offer from one of their knowledgeable Care Managers. To find out more about the services they offer, go to https://www.healthcolorado.org/

HealthColorado is a state program that helps people in Medicaid choose the health plan they want to get Medicaid services through. The ACC program is offered to assist those with Medicaid access the services they need and coordinate different types of care such as medical, behavioral health, dental, vison, etc. If you have Medicaid, but have been having difficulty getting the services you need, come on by and talk to a Care Manager.

It’s important to know that from now until January 31st, 2016, Coloradans can shop for health insurance on our state’s own marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado.

Still, if you’re a transgender Coloradan, finding coverage that meets all your health care needs can be complicated. That’s why today, One Colorado is releasing our Transgender Health Insurance Buyer’s Guide — so that transgender people across our state can see which insurance companies provide complete coverage for transgender Coloradans.

We’ve developed this helpful guide for transgender Coloradans so that their shopping experience for health coverage is less confusing and burdensome. The insurance companies under the green smiley face provide complete coverage for transgender Coloradans; the companies under the yellow neutral face have partial coverage; and the companies under the red frowny face have inadequate coverage.

It’s also important to know how accessible Colorado insurance companies make information regarding services provided for transgender consumers, so we’ve rated that as well. The insurance companies under the green smiley make information easily accessible; the companies under the red frowny face do not.

Our buyer’s guide is meant to be a useful step in making sure transgender Coloradans can access the care they need, but we can’t promise that everything will be covered by any insurance plan. Make sure you check with your provider before changing plans.

If you are denied care, you may still have to appeal that decision with any insurance company on this list — but the One Colorado team can assist you there, too! If you think you’ve been denied coverage because you’retransgender, contact our Deputy Director, Daniel Ramos, by emailing danielr@one-colorado.org.

Click here for the 2016 Transgender Health Insurance Buyer’s Guide.

Join us on Facebook Send us an Email

1151 S Huron St || Denver, CO 80223 || 303-202-6466

Thank You


We deeply appreciate the donation

Volunteers Needed!

Come be a part of a great team and start the new year fresh!

Apply Here

We would love to find a sponser for this event and continue to work on
viable ways to make this happen. If you are interested in helping us with
the next Gold Rush, contact Sheri Proctor.

PFLAG Denver, chapters all around the state


Dr Terrence Murphy, Denver


DID you know we have many Resource links on our webpage? Goto
GIC-Colorado.org for links to Transgender Services.

Gender Identity Center Informational Video

Please share with your friends and colleges


The GLBT Center in Denver

GLBT Center in Denver

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